You could consider knitting to be almost a way of life for me since I was quite young. I learned to knit at about age 8 and have always liked the way the fibers felt in my hand. And there is a certain order to it all. It makes sense to me! I'm not an "adventurous" knitter... I seldom am able to just pick up yarn and needles and come up with a spectacular end product. No, my knitting is more orderly than that. As with a food recipe, I like to knit an item just according to the pattern before I change it.

I fulfilled a dream in 1992 when I opened a studio/yarn shop in New Hampshire. I had the shop for about 10 years, in 2 different locations. Being surrounded by yarns and fibers was like having a little heaven on earth. I enjoyed having my own space to create and the greatest joy was being able to help other knitters, teaching beginners and more advanced knitters all the tips and tricks I had learned over the years.

I have been fortunate to become acquainted with many prominent knitters throughout the country and actually do some work for them, testing patterns. I also did some design work for a prominent yarn company.

For about 8 years I lived full time on the road in an RV and my stash of yarn is mostly sock yarn. I have managed to also include in my stash some fleece for spinning and my spinning wheel sat proudly in the passenger seat of the RV. Tucked away also is my stash of quilting fabric and my sewing machine. Never any reason to have a dull moment. I am now off the road half of the year, living in the warm south in the winter and I travel north in the summer in a small camper.

These aGypsyKnits web pages are a continuing work in progress. I hope to include pictures of my finished knitting projects and also some free patterns as I develop them for the web.